Etsy here we come!

Its official after much deliberation My 5enses has decided to open an Etsy shop. We are My5ensesTheStore on Etsy. Pricing between our two e-commerce sites is the same except for a minor fee for Etsy (25 cents CDN). But if your an Etsy person and prefer making your purchases through there, then please feel free.

Pontential contestant - Dragon's Den

We had an exciting phone call a few weeks back from the producers of Dragon’s Den. They liked what they saw on our submission and wanted us to come in for an audition. Apparently the whole #ShaveNaked name for our bath bomb line really caught their attention. Long story short, we couldn’t make the audition because of other work commitments, but they felt they had enough information to go on. So here is hoping that we made the cut!

In the Media

My 5enses is excited to be on the radio Heart FM ( out of Woodstock is now advertising our products and offering exciting contests featuring My 5enses products as prizes. Just click the link to go to their site

Additionally on Monday November 19th, 2018 My 5enses products will be part of a serious of television segments on CHCH news, as it covers the Burlington area and “The Little Pop Up Shoppe” as a Hot spot in Burlington for shopping. We will link to those segments once they are on the CHCH site.

Beard & Skin oil: Explained

My 5enses Beard & Skin oil is a unique blend of oils including Broccoli seed oil, Argon oil, Grape seed oil , and Jojoba seed oil (Not really an oil, but a polyunsaturated wax). These oils come together in four different scents, Lounge Lizard (a smokey sullen scent), Rumspringa (A vibrant light cologne), Desperate Measures ( A urban scent), and The Root of all Evil (you guessed it a Root beer scent).

All of the My 5enses beard and skin oils are scented with an intentional fade after 15+ minutes. That is you won’t be smelling it all day long, the scent fades out and only re-emerges on touch. That way you get the benefits without the annoyance of a long lasting odour.

Enjoy the video and we hoped to hear what your favourite scent is!

#ShaveNaked bath bomb

Our #ShaveNaked bath bombs are a great way to treat yourself. Whether you enjoy the calm of peppermint or the fresh citrus of sweet orange My 5enses has plenty of choices, and the all have the same great feature….

#ShaveNaked bath bombs allow you to shave without shaving cream or soap! Pour your tub, drop in the bath bomb and let the oils in the bomb do the work! When we originally formulated the bomb, we thought it was great, but then our customers came back and told us about being able to #ShaveNaked and the rest is history.

My 5enses bath bombs are made with bath tub safe colour, and the finest of ingredients. We hope you enjoy this video, where one of our founders put’s his leg shaving skills to task!

Rare Earth - Mask Application

Rare Earth is a fantastic Charcoal based mask that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Active ingredients in the mask include Activated Charcoal, Bentonite clay, Lavender Essential Oil, amd Chamomile powder. These elements come together in a easy to use thick paste, that you simply add water or if you wish coconut oil to and apply to the face. If you use coconut oil as the emulsifier instead of water, the mask wont dry, so allow it to be on the face for approximately 15-20 minutes.

The mask is a wash/wipe off type (not a gimmicky peel off mask). Simply apply the mask to the entire face (avoid the eyes to prevent irritation) let the mask dry and you can see the dirt and oils being drawn out of the skin as black dots on the mask. After 15-20 minutes the mask will be fully dry, and it is removed through a dampened cloth or by water directly applied. We recommend using a dark colour facecloth to avoid possible staining on fabric (Not known to stain, but it is possible). After removing the mask with the cloth or water, use a second clean cloth with hot water to open up your pores and then apply a moisturizer like "Pau5e" to complete the treatment.

Shaving with Dark Matter

Dark Matter is not just a soap. We have received a tremendous number of comments about the benefits people have received from using this product. Albeit anecdotal, these claims are what we consider proof in the strength of charcoal based products. We have had people who have run 5 miles with no socks on, just to show their spouse the power of Dark Matter’s deodorizing capabilitlities. We have had people remark to our rep’s that we should raise the price, because of how Dark Matter clarifies their facial skin. For My 5enses we are just happy that the product works as well for them as it does for u!.

So to show everyone, just how versatile Dark Matter is, whether in our traditional bar form or revolutionary tube for easy travel is an essential part of your facial regimen. We shot this video, to  demonstrate just one of the everyday uses (Shaving; face or other body parts) a person can use Dark Matter has.  The charcoal gently draws out the impurities, while the clay helps to exfoliate the skin. It is these two aspects of the product characteristics that leave your skin clean and clear, whether just washing or shaving with the Dark Matter. Enjoy the video.


Shaving with Dark matter soap.