Beard & Skin oil: Explained

My 5enses Beard & Skin oil is a unique blend of oils including Broccoli seed oil, Argon oil, Grape seed oil , and Jojoba seed oil (Not really an oil, but a polyunsaturated wax). These oils come together in four different scents, Lounge Lizard (a smokey sullen scent), Rumspringa (A vibrant light cologne), Desperate Measures ( A urban scent), and The Root of all Evil (you guessed it a Root beer scent).

All of the My 5enses beard and skin oils are scented with an intentional fade after 15+ minutes. That is you won’t be smelling it all day long, the scent fades out and only re-emerges on touch. That way you get the benefits without the annoyance of a long lasting odour.

Enjoy the video and we hoped to hear what your favourite scent is!