Shaving with Dark Matter

Dark Matter is not just a soap. We have received a tremendous number of comments about the benefits people have received from using this product. Albeit anecdotal, these claims are what we consider proof in the strength of charcoal based products. We have had people who have run 5 miles with no socks on, just to show their spouse the power of Dark Matter’s deodorizing capabilitlities. We have had people remark to our rep’s that we should raise the price, because of how Dark Matter clarifies their facial skin. For My 5enses we are just happy that the product works as well for them as it does for u!.

So to show everyone, just how versatile Dark Matter is, whether in our traditional bar form or revolutionary tube for easy travel is an essential part of your facial regimen. We shot this video, to  demonstrate just one of the everyday uses (Shaving; face or other body parts) a person can use Dark Matter has.  The charcoal gently draws out the impurities, while the clay helps to exfoliate the skin. It is these two aspects of the product characteristics that leave your skin clean and clear, whether just washing or shaving with the Dark Matter. Enjoy the video.


Shaving with Dark matter soap.